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Collection: Subscriptions

Does your page display the QRZ Subscriber badge?

The Subscriber badge proudly tells other visitors that you're a QRZ supporter. In addition, our subscriptions provide some great benefits that help you get the most from ham radio's #1 website.

All subscriptions include unlimited daily lookups on the QRZ website, plus our popular Web Contact Log on your personal callsign page.

When you have an active subscription to any of the products listed below, the distinctive subscriber badge is automatically added to your callsign page.

All subscriptions rates are per year, unless otherwise noted. Multi-year discounts are offered on all packages.

Renewals: To renew your existing subscription, just choose any of the packages below. Your current subscription status will be shown on subsequent pages.

9 products
  • XML Logbook Data Subscription
  • Premium Subscriber Package
  • Platinum Subscriber Package
  • Custom Page Design Service
  • Lifetime Platinum Subscription
  • $10 QRZ Gift Card
  • $25 QRZ Gift Card
  • $50 QRZ Gift Card