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Lifetime Platinum Subscription

Lifetime Platinum Subscription

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Enjoy all the benefits of Platinum, for you and your spouse. Pay in one lump sum or in four equal installments.

QRZ's Lifetime Membership Includes:

  • Platinum Level membership for both you and your amateur-licensed spouse, for life
  • Combines all of our subscriptions and online services
  • Removes all commercial advertising, blinking ads, etc., from the QRZ pages
  • Makes your QRZ pages load faster, lowers the network traffic at your QTH
  • Direct access to QRZ's XML Data server for each member
  • Access to Live, real-time XML data on the QRZ servers
  • Enables the QRZ Web Contact Log for your account
  • Automatic enrollment in future QRZ subscription products
  • A distinctive Life Member Certificate, suitable for framing
  • Complimentary QRZ Callsign and Operating Awards Certificates
  • A distinguished listing on our Life Members Page
  • A standing invitation to exclusive QRZ Publisher's events
As a lifetime member, you and your amateur-licensed spouse will enjoy unlimited access to QRZ and its services. Your callsign and picture will appear on our distinguished Life Members Page with a direct link to your callsign.
You'll get special handling by our administrators whenever you have a problem, including telephone support when you need it.

Installment Payment Option

As an option, we offer an easier way to become a QRZ Lifetime Platinum Member in 4 equal payments. Each of the first 3 payments extends your QRZ Platinum Subscription for 5 years. When the 4th payment is made, your subscription is upgraded to Lifetime status.

You can take as long as you like to pay, up to 5 years between payments without losing upgrade eligibility. Once your fourth payment is made, you and your spouse receive the full Life member benefits as listed above.

Note: Until the fourth and final payment is made, your status and privileges on QRZ will be the same as a regular Platinum Member.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • Life memberships are non-transferrable and the membership fee is non-refundable.
  • Life members may opt-out of inclusion in the Life Members Page upon request